Once upon a time in New York City, Miss P was sat drinking her daily cwooffee at Penelopes NYC dreaming that one day she would have her own place selling good food to good people -

but not in NYC... no, no somewhere better...somewhere like


Miss P was born and bred in Manchester - just like our food!


At Penelope's we LOVE Manchester and we LOVE food! Oh, and we love popping up - here, there and everywhere really...


Our ethos is that we make homemade yummy products, often with a NYC twist (well, after years of living there we can't help it!)


We use MANCHESTER bought ingredients - now, were talking INDEPENDENT - LOCAL - REAL suppliers - no messing around here, we're the real deal!


You can fire a million questions at us and we'll tell you everything about what you’re eating - where the meat is from, when the fruit was picked, when your food was made, and who made it - everything we sell is homemade in our professional kitchens.


We are happily feeding money back into the Manchester independent business community, not into fat cat pockets. that’s enough of the ranting! LETS EAT xx



We love Manchester.

We love food.

We love you. 



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Call us on 07866 166798


Penelopes Kitchen

The Pie Factory

Media City UK

101 Broadway

M50 2EQ



8am - 3pm Monday - Friday


Penelopes Deli

Open Centre

Dock 10 Studios



M50 2HQ



8am - 4pm Monday - Friday


...or just come say hi!


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